Quality and Sustainability

Transparency, brightness and resonance are the adjectives that feature the high quality IVV glassware. We achieve them by melting the most selected, refined and expensive, raw materials, firing the blend to very high temperatures to burn-out impurities.

IVV’s soda lime glass is lead free, solid colours are obtained with non-polluting oxides, the glass is internally fully recycled. The unique quality of IVV glass is the result:

  • Uniquely transparent with shiny reflections
  • Very resistant and durable
  • Environmental friendly

There is glass and glass that is produced on our planet: that of those who have a code of ethics and pay attention to environmental sustainability and that of those who simply don’t.

5 Simple Questions

Does the sand you use to make your glass come from the Sahara?

No, the sand of the Sahara is one of the poorest and most impure.

We only use sand from Belgium, one of the best in the world.

Is the color of your glasses sprayed?

No, in our glasses the color is given into the paste of the glass, so that it is not released in the mouth while you drink, the glass does not discolor and is dishwasher safe.

Do you recycle glass that comes from outside IVV?

No, we recycle only our glass, so we can be sure that our future glass will always be of the best quality

Do you use poisonous and polluting substances for people and the environment, such as cadmium, arsenic and asbestos, just because they are cheaper?

No, we have always banned the use of these substances, because the most important assets we have are the health of our glass masters and guaranteeing a future to our planet. These goals can be achieved only by producing in an eco-sustainable way.

Can all this sometimes translate into being more expensive than those who don't put health and quality first?

Of course, it is possible and even obvious, but at IVV we will always be proud to understand the quality of our glass as inextricably linked to responsibility towards people and the environment.

All this is not just an opinion, but facts that cannot be ignored when it comes to health, quality and environmental sustainability.


Our Packaging

Setting environmental sustainability as an objective also involves paying attention to the materials used to package your products. Many companies still put profit first. Selling is obviously an essential condition to ensure the survival of a company, but the challenges that global warming and air and water pollution are posing to all of humanity can no longer be ignored or postponed in the name of company budgets.

A lithographed, colorful and full of writings packaging is obviously more captivating and seductive than one made of brown cardboard. But what is too often still ignored by consumers is that, compared to this, tens and dozens of times more energy and raw materials (and consequent environmental pollution) are required to produce and then dispose of colored lithographed packaging

In light of these considerations, starting from 2021, IVV decided to confirm the use of the simple Havana cardboard, which has already been used for many years in the packaging of 99% of its collections, reviewing only the aesthetic aspect of the communication reported on it. This change will involve, in a first phase, the 2021 novelties of the DESIGN STUDIO COLLECTION, to gradually extend to the other products of this collection and therefore to those of the other collections. Two elements that characterize it:

the color of the labels changes from silver-gray or black to a full and warm red and, for each product, it will show the name of the product and, if present, the name of the collection it belongs to and that of the designer;
thanks to new closing systems, the use of adhesive tape - and therefore plastic - will be minimized even on larger packaging.