… Still a delicate project, which follows OVERLAYS and OVERLIGHT in this amusing game of words and deliberate allusions.

Compared to Overlight, the theme of LIGHT becomes even more significant, because this is ONLY a lamp or, as I prefer to think, romantically a lantern. It is without power cable, because it’s provided with a rechargeable battery so that it can be placed where it is needed, in any indoor and outdoor environment.
And if you instead prefer a more natural and inconsistent lighting, it can also be used with a candle inside.
Composed of two elements in light glass, it is deliberately minimal, small and “round” to evoke tenderness and be able to carry it with us, like a cuddle, a non-invasive but consoling presence.
The texture of the diffuser, satin and soft even to the touch, ensures a subdued and hypnotizing lighting.
... beside the bed, near a lit fireplace, on the edge of a tub, on the table for a romantic dinner.
... on summer evenings, in the garden, with the scent

— Marta Sansoni


Wireless and portable borosilicate glass table lamp, for tables, coffee tables, bedside tables and wherever it is necessary to bring lighting without the constraint of the power connection cable. Composed of a sandblasted diffuser a transparent base with holes to carry it around and a LED lamp. The wireless LED lamp is equipped with a rechargeable battery and dimmer. It works without wire connection to the mains, allowing you to place OVERNIGHT where you prefer; it has an autonomy of 10 hours, after which it must be charged like a mobile phone