After OVERLAYS, I thought of OVERBOX.

A project around a series of “boxes” containers in borosilicate glass, in 4 different sizes, stackable, stackable (TOWER) and beautiful, of absolute minimalism and essentiality.
They are used to store food, inside or outside the refrigerator, waiting to be consumed. From the refrigerator itself, the box can pass directly into the microwave if the food contained requires to be heated and brought to the table for consumption, using, if desired, the lid that becomes a tasting plate in a quick and immediate step.
In short, a sort of metamorphosis in which the main theme is always aesthetics. The boxes are elegant, transparent, light and tell a strongly aesthetic way of living the kitchen and the table. The box and the plate (lid) can also be emphasized and completed by the dome, a transparent and airy bubble to emphasize, even more, the elegance of the table.
However, the boxes can respond to any containment need: on a shelf as “empty pockets”, on a desk for stationery items, in a bathroom for cosmetics and self-care products.
The non-concealment of the contained objects, a consequence of the transparency of the glass, makes it easy to identify them. I like the versatility and modularity of the objects, the play of “amphibious” projects.

— Marta Sansoni

The boxes of OVERBOX

Family of bosilicate glass boxes, available in two diameters and several capacities. They can be used to serve dishes on the table, keep the food warm or store it in the refrigerator. From the refrigerator they can be put into the microwave oven and then brought directly to the table, thanks to their elegant design. The boxes can be used alone or stacked on over the other. The lids of the boxes also act as individual plates to consume the dishes on the table. The line is completed by a dome, to be used over the containers, in alternative to the lids, to preserve a cake or serve a dish with a scenic effect. The boxes of OVERBOX can also be used as containers for stationery on the desk or for cosmetics in the bathroom.