IVV is proud to present ICONE, a project that stems from the desire to celebrate the history of a company that, in the span of almost seventy years - a truly unusual longevity for a glass manufacturer in Italy - has indelibly marked history of design, with iconic products, which have anticipated trends and fashions in the world.

To be truly such, a brand is not created by a simple self-referential declaration; a brand stems a brand stems from a succession of "facts", of concrete signs that, despite being sons of different eras, are characterized by an internal organicity and unfold over a period of time long enough to let them enter people’s heads.

The ICONE project was also born from the desire to recover the history of a company that, for many years, did not publish its products on catalogs, because it worked only on a contract basis for an exclusive clientele, who asked for unique pieces. Only a trace of these products remains in an IVV archive - some photos and sketches, some notes on the client, on the year of manufacture and little more - which contributes to increasing the charm and the "iconic" halo that surrounds them, in the mists of a past that would otherwise be lost forever.

Unlike what happened in the past, in which IVV sometimes re-edited some of these products for short periods, their current inclusion in the Icone Collection, which began in 2019 with the reissue of the Menhir XXL, makes them a permanent collection, welcoming year after year new products, each expression of an instant, a year, a period, a specific era, with its uses and customs.