Shaping Your Needs with the Italian touch

The design of IVV products has long had its hinge in its internal Design Department, which has made it famous with pieces that have become iconic.

In IVV creations there is an intimate link between design and function, which is based on the constant desire to propose objects created for daily use and not for the collection, objects for our daily life. An accessible, identifying and distinctive luxury.

Made in Italy, for IVV, is a production philosophy, the symbol of "being Italian" in the world .... It is the result of an organic process that springs from the culture of our territory and in which the conception and production are intimately connected… a finished product that is synonymous with quality, attention to detail, functionality and style.


Authoritative names in Italian design

With the turning point impressed on the brand in 2020, aimed at rediscovering the essence of its roots - the transparency, essentiality and simplicity of the products made from the 1950s to the 1990s - and to reinterpret it in a profoundly contemporary way, the company has opened up to collaborations with authoritative names in Italian design, such as Marta Sansoni and Alessandra Baldereschi, who have contributed to reinforcing the message of the intimate link between creative innovation and the function of an object.

01 —

Marta Sansoni

For IVV she designed “A”, Pasqua, Peony, Pinolio, Potty and the families Overbox, Overlight and Overnight

02 —

Alessandra Baldereschi

For IVV she designed the collection of trays and domes Islands

03 —

Francesco Bruni

For IVV he signed the collection of water tumblers Message in A Glass

04 —

Matteo Giarrè

Food designer, for IVV started reinterpreting a series of plates and table accessories to make them functional for the hospitality professionals.