B2B —

Creation of Customized Products for the Table and Furnishing

For the B2B sector, IVV has a special Production Unit, capable of customizing standard items and designing bespoke items on customer's request and design, with great flexibility. Based on your specific need, we identify the most suitable processing technique: from the application of a logo / trademark to the engraving of motifs with sandblasting, screen printing or laser techniques, up to the creation of exclusive models for shape, size and color:

  • Bespoke decoration: we personalize the decorations exclusively for you
  • Custom design: we develop and produce completely customized glass objects based on your design

Logo Application

Custom Decorations

Starting from a clear model to get to a customized decorated one on exclusive basis. If the custom decoration is not already dishwasher-resistant, IVV can subject it to the special protective treatment DSPF (Dishwasher & Scratch Proof Formula), which increases the resistance of the decoration to washing and wear caused by handling and from storage.

01 —

ARIA Chargers

From a standard clear model to custom decorated ones with colored rim

02 —


From standard clear models to custom fully or partially decorated ones

03 —

KERALA Charger

From a standard clear shape to custom fully decorated models

04 —

VERTIGO Showplate

From a standard clear shape to custom partially decorated models

05 —


From a clear custom shape to custom fully decorated models

06 —


from a standard decorated model to custom decorated one